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Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor and Beach Game by Simba - coolest new toy for Boys, Girls, Kids & Family

Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor and Beach Game by Simba - coolest new toy for Boys, Girls, Kids & Family 'Squap makes active, outdoor play fun and easy for the whole family!' Simple & Fun Outdoor Game for Kids This active catch ball game is great to get your kids away from the electronics and playing outside once again. It's simple and easy to learn - just put the ball in the Squap mitt and quickly open your hand. The ball launches and soars through the air! Catch it by snapping the Squap mitt closed. Grab your family a Squap set today - you won't be able to put it down! Over 2 Million Units Sold in Europe Massively popular on the other side of the Atlantic, Squap has already sold over 2 million units in Europe alone - winning Disney Family Fun T.O.Y. of the Year and Parents Toy of the Year. Europe's hottest new active toy is now available here in the USA from Simba! Great for Hand-Eye Coordination & Play Between All Ages Squap can be played indoor or outdoor, by yourself against a wall, in pairs or in a group. It's great for developing hand-eye coordination for young kids - and suitable for ages 6+, Squap lets kids of all different ages enjoy the fun together! Help Your Kids Develop Pre-Glove Baseball Skills Perfect for young baseball fans who lack the hand-strength for a real glove, Squap mimics the catching motions of baseball and lets children start improving their baseball skills early! Take Your Squap Set with You Anywhere! Compact and portable, this outdoor lawn game for boys and girls is great to take on family trips, to the beach, park or just over to the neighbors yard. It's also perfect for a kid's party or playing outside camping in the summer months. With 2 paddles and 4 balls included, your Squap set can travel with you anywhere! Click 'Add to Cart' now to get moving with your new Squap set today! Squap Paddles & Ball Outdoor and Beach Game by Simba - coolest new toy for Boys, Girls, Kids & Family
WOWZERS!! What fun this is!!!When this item arrived, our kids tore through the packaging and took off outside with its contents. They immediately fell in love with it. And, although there are other similar games on the market today, the kinds with the velcro that "catch" the soft balls, these come with two "catchers that do not have velcro, but fold over to intercept the small plastic balls that resemble ping pong balls. They are light, but have enough weight to them to give them enough velocity to be thrown at a minimum of twelve feet. Well made!! These balls are a slight bit smaller than table tennis balls, but cannot be crushed by even an adults hands. The game set comes with two ball catchers, four balls that can be stored on the catching mitt to avoid loss, and a whole lot of joy!! Simba Toys allowed us to try this product at a discount in exchange for our honest review, and honestly, it is worth every penny at full retail price. I now need to buy more to accommodate my eight children! I have posted a video for your preview just to show you how much fun it truly is in action! Your kids will love it! Would also make the PERFECT birthday gift for any age!One thing I would recommend to Simba is to add some sort of cushioning under the velcro straps because with prolonged use, one could develop significant blisters on top of hands and knuckles. Until then, my children will be wearing their baseball gloves to solve that issue.
My girls are at school by my son is home, and when I told him to keep an eye out for the mail man we have a special package with a toy in it coming he watched all morning. I think he was more eager to open the box then me lol. Got it opened and he immediately went for the toy. Of corse he had to wait for me to take a pic of it lol. Then outside we can and started to play with it. I love that it had adjustable straps for our hands, making it alot easier for his little hands and my mom hands lol . It has 4 balls total and each catcher has slots to hold them when not in use. It also has a lock on it to hold it all closed when not in use. Very easy to understand and use , and definitly gets you up and moving , which is awesome. The balls are Light weight , and it's not hard at all to open and close it. I might even let them play this ball game in the house :) which is a first lol. My son just turned 5 and he loves this game. If he didn't have me and grandpa plans today we would spend the whole day playing it. Highly recomend for anyone looking for a fun game for there kids, or even for adults. I'm 29 and I love it.I received this item at discount for my unbiased reviewSo my girls got home from school and got plying with it , suprised me that they lost the balls already lol, but that's kids . They love this game. Now I hear hey mom can we play the catch game instead of hey mI'm can I play on a tablet. It's a huge diffrence and I'm very excited. Definitly a game I'm recomending to all my friends and family.
This is a pretty cool game. I will say right off the bat that it DOES take some getting used to when starting out as you need to make sure to catch it just so--close it too fast and the ball will not go in or too slow and the ball just bounces back out. Anyway, the paddles are pretty cool. You have one side in which to place your thumb in the Velcro strap and on the other side you place your four fingers, again in a Velcro strap. There is a small sliding thing that you need to move to open the paddle. Oh, and the really cool part is that the balls store in the holes on paddle which you put in and slide the clasp closed and they are safe and sound. It also makes this game very portable as the paddles and balls are all very lightweight and small enough to pack for the beach, playground, park, camping, hotels, heck just about anywhere your heart desires! It is a great activity for most ages, my four year old granddaughter did not quite have the strength to make the ball fly out of the paddle, but my seven year old granddaughter, my daughter, my husband and I all took turns playing with it. It was an Easter gift for the family to keep them moving and having fun outdoors (but it is okay to use in a large indoor space, too, such as a gymnasium). There is an enclosed directions sheet which gives you some ideas of games and how to throw and catch the balls. I received this product at a discount for my honest review. It got my hubby up to play with the grandkids so that is a plus in my book LOL.
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